Types of UK government organisation on AppGov

Ministerial departments are led by a government minister (usually in the Cabinet) and decide policy

Non-ministerial departments are led by a senior civil servant and usually have a regulatory or inspection function

Executive Agencies are part of a ministerial department and usually provide government services

Non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs) are sponsored by a department but operate at arms length from ministerial control:

  • Advisory NDPBs provide independent, expert advice to ministers
  • Executive NDPBs carry out a variety of administrative, regulatory and commercial functions to deliver a particular public service
  • Tribunal NDPBs are part of the justice system and have jurisdiction over a specific area of law
  • Independent monitoring boards are responsible for the running of prisons and treatment of prisoners

Devolved administrations are the devolved governments for Northen Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Public Corporations are enterprises which are publicly owned and controlled

High profile groups are significant groups within a department

Agency/Public Body and Not assigned yet are organisations which have not yet been classified

Extra are additional organisations for which AppGov holds spend data

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