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Full nameTypeStatusOrg keySpend data rangeSpend URLOrg URL
Attorney General's OfficeMinisterial departmentActiveD1Website
Cabinet OfficeMinisterial departmentActiveD22011/01 - 2020/05Spend pageWebsite
Department for Business, Energy & Industrial StrategyMinisterial departmentActiveD11982016/08 - 2019/09Spend pageWebsite
Department for Digital, Culture, Media and SportMinisterial departmentActiveD52011/01 - 2019/10Spend pageWebsite
Department for EducationMinisterial departmentActiveD62011/01 - 2020/03Spend pageWebsite
Department for Environment, Food & Rural AffairsMinisterial departmentActiveD72011/01 - 2020/04Spend pageWebsite
Department for International TradeMinisterial departmentActiveD11962016/07 - 2020/04Spend pageWebsite
Department for TransportMinisterial departmentActiveD92011/01 - 2020/04Spend pageWebsite
Department for Work and PensionsMinisterial departmentActiveD102011/01 - 2020/03Spend pageWebsite
Department of Health and Social CareMinisterial departmentActiveD122011/01 - 2020/03Spend pageWebsite
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development OfficeMinisterial departmentActiveD132011/01 - 2020/06Spend pageWebsite
HM TreasuryMinisterial departmentActiveD152011/01 - 2020/05Spend pageWebsite
Home OfficeMinisterial departmentActiveD162011/01 - 2019/12Spend pageWebsite
Ministry of DefenceMinisterial departmentActiveD172011/01 - 2020/05Spend pageWebsite
Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local GovernmentMinisterial departmentActiveD42011/01 - 2020/03Spend pageWebsite
Ministry of JusticeMinisterial departmentActiveD182011/01 - 2020/03Spend pageWebsite
Northern Ireland OfficeMinisterial departmentActiveD19Website
Office of the Advocate General for ScotlandMinisterial departmentActiveD20Website
Office of the Leader of the House of CommonsMinisterial departmentActiveD21Website
Office of the Leader of the House of LordsMinisterial departmentActiveD22Website
Office of the Secretary of State for ScotlandMinisterial departmentActiveD23Website
Office of the Secretary of State for WalesMinisterial departmentActiveD24Website
UK Export FinanceMinisterial departmentActiveD241Website