Kingdom Services Group

Kingdom Services Group provides outsourced services primarily related to security and facilities management.

Local government spending with Kingdom (including Kingdom Security Ltd) has risen significantly over the last few years:

Kingdom spend 2011-17

Councils which spent over £1m with Kingdom between 2011-2017 are listed below.

News/Information re Kingdom Services Group:

Local Authorities spending over £1m with Kingdom between 2011-2017:

Hillingdon £3,735,302 Details
Birmingham £3,270,738 Details
Barnsley £2,501,393 Details
Ealing £1,534,493 Details
Wirral £1,513,134 Details
Enfield £1,402,616 Details
Wandsworth £1,387,449 Details
Liverpool £1,279,947 Details
Knowsley £1,118,310 Details
Merton £1,115,770 Details
Thurrock £1,092,931 Details
Southampton £1,065,543 Details
Harrow £1,006,397 Details

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