Interserve is a major supplier of outsourced services (e.g. construction, cleaning, probation) to central/local government and the NHS with around 45,000 UK employees and almost £3bn turnover (70% from UK government). Its share price has dropped significantly over recent years prompting fears of a collapse similar to Carillion.

A rescue package was rejected by investors on 15 March 2019 and the company is now in administation. The government has said that existing jobs and contracts will not be affected.

Central government expenditure with Interserve has risen although local government expenditure decreased in 2016 after the end of a major 10 year contract with Croydon Council.

Central and Local Government organisations which spent over £1m with Interserve in 2017 are listed below.

Interserve spend 2011-18

News/Information re Interserve:

Central Government departments spending over £1m with Interserve in 2017:

Ministry of Defence £127,444,429 Details
Department for Transport £72,259,707 Details
Defra £46,729,413 Details
Home Office £36,973,372 Details
Department for Education £31,548,505 Details
Cabinet Office £22,683,328 Details
FCO £8,816,723 Details
DFID £3,017,454 Details
Department for Work and Pensions £1,227,837 Details

Local Authorities spending over £1m with Interserve in 2017:

Southwark £10,612,676 Details
Durham £5,581,044 Details
City of London £5,203,974 Details
Brighton and Hove £4,149,886 Details
Devon £1,550,909 Details
East Riding of Yorkshire £1,044,445 Details

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