Allied Healthcare

Allied Healthcare is a major supplier of domicilary and other social care services to local government.

In November 2018 the Care Quality Commission (CQC) notified 84 councils which use Allied Healthcare of possible disruption to services and advising them to make contingency plans.

In April 2018 Allied Healthcare announced that it was examining CVA insolvency arrangements. These would allow it to continue to trade as usual without job losses. A letter to creditors allegedly blamed increased agency labour costs, staff shortages due to Brexit and backdated 'sleep in' payments for its financial problems.

Allied Healthcare has contracts with over 100 local authorities and those spending over £1m in 2017 are listed below. A full list is available on the CQC news page.

Local government expenditure on Allied Healthcare and similar suppliers has been rising for several years to 2016 but started to decrease in 2017:

LA homecare spend 2011-17

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Local Authorities spending over £1m with Allied Healthcare in 2017:

Essex £10,454,663 Details
Lincolnshire £3,890,008 Details
Lambeth £3,737,691 Details
Islington £2,961,914 Details
Southampton £2,679,872 Details
Suffolk £1,684,084 Details
Somerset £1,609,209 Details
Leeds £1,494,047 Details
Hull £1,223,958 Details
Doncaster £1,019,665 Details

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