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US and UK have highest number of deaths from Covid-19

The UK has the appalling record of the highest number of Covid-19 deaths in Europe and second highest in the world after the US.

The number of deaths in Brazil is rising very sharply and is likely to overtake all European countries including the UK in the near future.

Why should the US and the UK have the worst outcomes from the pandemic?

They share these basic common factors:

  • Right-wing administrations with an ideological antipathy towards state and public institutions
  • Public health organisations that have been neglected and underfunded in recent years
  • Lack of preparation for a major epidemic leading to shortages of equipment and protection for staff
  • Lack of decisive action to implement social distancing and lockdown at an early stage leading to wider spread of the virus
  • Political leaders (Donald Trump & Boris Johnson) who have been unable to inspire public unity or trust in their response to the crisis

President Trump's deranged comments about UV light and injecting disinfectant as potential treatments for Covid-19 probably go some way to explaining the US experience.
These articles from the Guardian - 100 days, privatisation-1, privatisation-2 look at possible explanations in the UK.

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