Carillion was a major supplier to government and the NHS. It went into liquidation in January 2018.

Central and local government organisations which spent over £1m with Carillion in 2017 are listed below.

There are also joint venture companies with some local government authorities such as InspiredSpaces.


Central Government departments spending over £1m with Carillion in 2017:

Ministry of Defence £433,103,942 Details
Department for Transport £110,682,446 Details
Department for Education £16,695,023 Details

Local Authorities spending over £1m with Carillion in 2017:

Stockport £47,302,458 Details
Oxfordshire £15,412,589 Details
West Sussex £9,187,595 Details
Leeds £4,860,782 Details
Hounslow £4,778,806 Details
Sheffield £3,389,210 Details
Birmingham £3,103,456 Details
Harrow £1,772,160 Details
Croydon £1,742,966 Details
Lincolnshire £1,179,741 Details
Hampshire £1,153,094 Details

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