Government Major Projects Portfolio (GMPP)

The Government Major Projects Portfolio (GMPP) contains central government projects which have high degrees of complexity, impact or risk.

Starting in 2013 the Government has published an annual progress report on GMPP projects and the basic data for each project is available in csv format.

All the available annual data has been collated and republished here as a searchable database.

Please note - these pages are currently under development and may change at any time - see Data loading notes below

Selected annual reports - all reports. Selectable by Year, Dept, Category, DCA and text search. Links to report details. Selection totals.

All annual reports - all reports showing key data for each report. Sortable & searchable. Links to report details.

All projects showing min/max dates - all projects showing showing categories & min/max dates. Links to reports for each project.

All projects showing min/max costs - all projects showing showing min/max costs & variances. Links to reports for each project.

Projects by organisation - with links to projects from each organisation.

Projects by year - with links to projects from each annual report.

Projects by category - with links to projects for each category.

Data loading notes:

Data last loaded on 6 November 2018. There 996 reports in total with data from 2013-2018 and now including categories.
All data is from IPA/MPA csv files except 2013 data which is from departmental websites or National Archives (for ONS). NS&I data for 2013 is no longer available. Category assignments are from an FOI request to the Cabinet Office.
Assignment of unique project names is reasonably complete - now 381 projects but there may still be further amalgamation in the future.
All projects now have category assignments except 2013 (no data available). Note that a few projects have categories which change from year to year - this will be shown in future versions of the data.
GDS Register codes - full organisation name is now available.

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Acknowledgement: GMPP data has been re-used under the Open Government Licence.