Reports for project: Armour Main Battle Tank

Reports: Year Organisation DCA status     Start date     End date Base £m Fcast £m Variance% WLCost £m   Category
Details 2017 2017 MOD Amber 2014-12-04 2026-06-01 6.4 5.6 -13.0 744.8   Military
Details 2018 2018 MOD Amber 2014-12-04 2026-06-01 26.5 26.0 -2.0 None   Military
Details 2019 2019 MOD Amber 2014-12-04 2026-06-01 None None None None   Military
Details 2020 2020 MOD Amber 2014-12-04 2028-07-31 12.5 11.9 -0.0 1,304.2   Military
Details 2021 2021 MOD Amber 2017-12-18 2026-06-01 9.4 9.1 -3.0 1,399.2   Military

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Relevant reviews from National Audit Office (NAO), Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Institute for Government (IfG) etc:

Review Title Source Date Quotes/Notes
Obsolescent and outgunned: the British Army’s armoured vehicle capability DefC Mar 2021 ".. a woeful story of bureaucratic procrastination, military indecision, financial mismanagement and general ineptitude"

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