Project reports for year: 2020

Dept Project name Category DCA status Variance% WLCost £m Other years
BEIS Future Shared Services Programme ICT Amber None 423.9
BEIS Geological Disposal Facility Programme (GDF) Infrastructure Amber None 12,743.0
BEIS Heat Networks Investment Project Infrastructure Amber -0.2 375.9
BEIS Local Land Charges (LLC) Programme ICT Amber -0.8 193.3
BEIS Magnox and RSRL PBO Competition Infrastructure Amber -0.0 2,782.0
BEIS New Polar Research Vessel Infrastructure Amber -0.1 1,403.0
BEIS Next Magnox Operating Model Transformation Amber/Green None 5.0
BEIS Smart Metering Implementation Programme Infrastructure Amber None 20,137.0
CO Commercial Capability Expansion Programme Transformation Amber/Red 0.4 11.7
CO Common Technology Services Transformation Amber/Green -0.7 44.2
CO GOV.UK Verify ICT Red 5.0 206.1
CO Government as a Platform ICT Amber/Green -0.3 90.0
CO Government Office Hubs Programme Transformation Amber None 564.1
CO Transforming CCS Transformation Amber -0.1 28.3
CO Transforming Government Security Transformation Amber/Green None 31.0
DCMS 4th National Lottery Licence Competition Transformation Amber 0.7 64.3
DCMS 5G Testbeds and Trials Infrastructure Amber -0.4 232.8
DCMS 700 MHz Clearance Programme Infrastructure Amber/Green -0.4 595.0
DCMS Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Infrastructure Amber/Red -0.5 777.9
DCMS Blythe House Programme Infrastructure Amber/Green 0.2 210.2
DCMS Local Full Fibre Networks Infrastructure Red -0.4 321.1
DCMS Rural Gigabit Connectivity Programme Infrastructure Red -0.5 212.8
DEFRA DEFRA UNITY Programme ICT Amber 0.0 1,067.6
DFE Apprenticeships Reform Programme Transformation Amber/Red -0.1 11,347.4
DFE Priority School Building Programme 2 Infrastructure Amber -0.0 2,398.5
DFE Social Work England Transformation Amber 0.7 21.3
DFE T Level Programme Transformation Amber/Red 0.2 155.6
DFE Test Operation Services Transition Programme (TOpS) Transformation Amber/Red 0.0 125.6
DFID St Helena Airport Infrastructure Amber/Green 0.2 445.7
DFT A12 Chelmsford to A120 widening Infrastructure Amber None 1,145.4
DFT A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon Improvement Scheme Infrastructure Green -0.2 1,435.3
DFT A303 Amesbury to Berwick Down Infrastructure Amber None 1,919.9
DFT A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbet Infrastructure Amber/Green 0.8 810.0
DFT Crossrail Programme Infrastructure Red -0.0 17,630.9
DFT East Coast Mainline Programme Infrastructure Amber -0.2 1,040.4
DFT East West Rail Programme (Western Section) Infrastructure Red -0.1 1,091.5
DFT Great Western Route Modernisation (GWRM) Infrastructure Amber 0.1 5,007.0
DFT Heathrow Expansion Programme Infrastructure Amber None 32,607.8
DFT High Speed Rail Programme (HS2) Infrastructure Red -0.2 55,700.0
DFT InterCity Express Programme (IEP) Infrastructure Amber -0.0 6,445.7
DFT Lower Thames Crossing Infrastructure Amber None 6,052.2
DFT Midland Main Line Programme Infrastructure Amber -0.0 1,671.2
DFT North of England Programme Infrastructure Amber/Red -0.7 5,849.0
DFT Rail Franchising Programme Transformation Amber/Red -0.3 24.5
DFT South West Route Capacity Infrastructure Amber/Green -0.3 817.7
DFT Thameslink Programme Infrastructure Amber 1.0 7,269.4
DHSC Clinical Triage Platform (CTP) ICT Amber -0.1 33.4
DHSC Data Processing Services Programme ICT Amber 0.1 69.5
DHSC GP IT Futures Programme ICT Amber/Red 0.4 423.0
DHSC Health and Social Care Network ICT Amber -0.1 392.8
DHSC IT Infrastructure Sourcing Programme ICT Red 0.2 121.4
DHSC Local Health and Care Records ICT Amber -0.5 763.9
DHSC Medical Examiners Programme Transformation Amber/Red None 68.4
DHSC National Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) Service Development Programme Transformation Amber/Red 0.4 1,247.2
DHSC NHS.UK Transformation Amber -0.1 55.0
DHSC PHE Science Hub Infrastructure Amber/Red -0.4 2,656.3
DWP Fraud, Error and Debt Programme Transformation Amber/Green -0.1 1,219.8
DWP Health Transformation Programme Transformation Red -0.2 6,598.8
DWP Universal Credit Programme Transformation Amber -0.1 12,717.0
FCO Atlas Programme ICT Amber/Red None 93.8
FCO ECHO2 Programme ICT Amber/Red None None
FCO Washington Embassy Refurbishment Infrastructure Amber None 118.7
HMRC Building Our Future Locations Programme Transformation Amber/Green -0.1 2,835.9
HMRC Customs Declaration Services (CDS) Programme ICT Amber/Red None 334.1
HMRC Making Tax Digital for Business ICT Amber/Green 0.1 402.1
HMRC Securing our Technical Future ICT Amber -0.0 312.1
HMRC Tax-Free Childcare Transformation Amber -0.1 356.9
HO Asylum Accommodation and Support Transformation (AAST) Transformation Amber/Green -0.1 4,605.0
HO Cyclamen Programme Transformation Amber/Green None None
HO DBS Service Transition Transformation Amber/Green -0.1 27.4
HO Digital Services at the Border (DSaB) ICT Amber/Red None 452.1
HO Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme (ESMCP) Infrastructure Amber/Red None 9,521.9
HO Home Office Biometrics (HOB) Programme ICT Amber None 869.7
HO Immigration Platform Technologies (IPT) ICT Amber/Red 0.5 304.9
HO Metis Programme ICT Amber/Red 0.1 290.5
HO National Law Enforcement Data Programme ICT Amber/Red 0.3 469.4
HO Technology Platforms for Tomorrow (TPT) ICT Amber -0.1 602.6
MOD A400M Military Amber -0.1 3,356.2
MOD Armed Forces Recruitment Programme Military Amber/Red None 1,730.2
MOD Armour Main Battle Tank Military Amber -0.0 1,304.2
MOD Armoured Cavalry 2025 Military Amber -0.1 6,288.9
MOD Armoured Infantry 2026 Military Amber/Red None None
MOD Army Basing Programme Military Amber/Green 0.0 2,270.8
MOD Astute Boats 1-7 Military Amber/Red -0.1 10,769.4
MOD Carrier Enabled Power Projection Military Amber -0.0 21.6
MOD Clyde Infrastructure Military Amber 0.0 1,774.6
MOD Complex Weapons Military Amber -0.0 28,717.2
MOD Contracting, Purchasing and Finance Transformation Amber -0.0 130.2
MOD Core Production Capability Military Amber 0.0 1,826.7
MOD Crowsnest Programme Military Red -0.1 429.4
MOD Defence Estate Optimisation Military Amber/Red -0.4 1,754.7
MOD DREADNOUGHT Military Amber 0.0 30,099.3
MOD Fleet Solid Support Military Amber None None
MOD Future Beyond Line Of Sight ICT Amber/Red None None
MOD Future Maritime Support Strategy Military Red 0.4 11,127.7
MOD Joint Crypt Key Programme ICT Exempt FOI None None
MOD Land Environment Tactical Communication and Information Systems Military Amber 0.0 11,399.8
MOD Lightning II Programme Military Amber 0.1 10,393.3
MOD Maritime Patrol Aircraft Military Amber 0.1 2,229.6
MOD Maritime Sustainment Programme Military Green 1.0 618.8
MOD MARSHALL Military Amber 0.0 1,335.6
MOD Mechanised Infantry Programme Military Amber 0.0 4,663.3
MOD MODnet Evolve ICT Amber/Red None None
MOD New Style of Information Technology (Base) ICT Amber/Red None None
MOD New Style of Information Technology Deployed Military Amber None None
MOD Nuclear Warhead Capability Sustainment Programme Military Exempt FOI -0.1 20,900.8
MOD PROTECTOR Military Amber 0.1 1,155.8
MOD Queen Elizabeth Programme Military Amber 0.0 6,782.6
MOD Spearfish Upgrade Programme Military Red -0.1 414.5
MOD Type 26 Global Combat Ship Programme Military Amber 0.0 None
MOD Type 31e Military Amber -0.0 None
MOD WATCHKEEPER Military Amber/Green -0.1 1,117.7
MOJ Electronic Monitoring (EM) Transformation Amber/Red 0.3 580.5
MOJ Glen Parva New Build Prison Infrastructure Amber -0.4 6,104.8
MOJ HMCTS Facilities Management Reprocurement Project (FMRP) Transformation Amber 0.4 1,039.5
MOJ HMCTS Reform Transformation Amber/Red -0.1 2,153.2
MOJ MoJ Future FM Transformation Amber/Red -0.1 430.2
MOJ Prison Education Programme Transformation Green None 763.3
MOJ Prison Technology Transformation Programme (PTTP) ICT Amber/Red None None
MOJ Prisoner Escort and Custody Services (PECS) Generation 4 Transformation Amber/Green 0.0 1,635.8
MOJ Probation Programme Transformation Amber/Red 0.6 8,235.2
MOJ Wellingborough New Build Prison Infrastructure Amber -0.3 6,316.0
MOJ Youth Justice Reform Programme Transformation Amber/Red -0.2 345.1
NCA NCA Transformation Programme Transformation Amber None 5,302.1
ONS Census Transformation Programme Transformation Amber None 905.6

Totals for 2020: (category assignment is provisional for years prior to 2019)

Category Projects WLC £Bn
All projects 125 447.9
Transformation 34 63.7
ICT 27 7.9
Infrastructure 34 213.8
Military 30 162.5
TBD 0 0.0

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