Project reports for year: 2016

Dept Project name Category DCA status Variance% WLCost £m Other years
BIS ICR Monetisation Transformation Amber/Red None 15.3
BIS Local Land Charges (LLC) Programme ICT Amber/Red None 193.3
BIS New Polar Research Vessel Infrastructure Amber/Green None 1,186.0
BIS Project Eagle (formerly Urenco Future Options) Transformation Amber/Red None 12.9
BIS The Francis Crick Institute (formerly UKCMRI) Infrastructure Amber/Green None 752.7
CO Commercial Capability Programme Transformation Amber/Red None 10.4
CO Electoral Registration Transformation Programme Transformation Amber/Green None 129.4
CO Foxhound Programme ICT Amber None 187.8
CO GOV.UK Verify ICT Amber/Green None None
CO Government Office Hubs Programme Transformation Amber/Red None 42.0
CO ISSC1 Transformation Red -14.3 8.2
CO ISSC2 Transformation Amber/Red -17.5 32.8
CO National Cyber Security Programme ICT Green None 860.0
CO New Civil Service 2015 Pension Scheme Implementation Transformation Amber/Red 105.9 14.9
CPS ICT Restructure Programme ICT Amber None 144.3
DCMS Broadband Delivery Programme Infrastructure Amber/Green -34.4 1,910.1
DCMS Mobile Infrastructure Project Infrastructure Amber None 44.0
DCMS Super-Connected City Programme Infrastructure Green 45.9 154.6
DCMS Tate Modern Project Infrastructure Amber None 255.5
DECC Carbon Capture & Storage Commercialisation Programme Infrastructure Amber -27.4 None
DECC FID Enabling for Hinkley Point C Infrastructure Exempt FOI 156.5 36,963.6
DECC Geological Disposal Facility Programme (GDF) Infrastructure Amber None 11,393.0
DECC Magnox and RSRL PBO Competition Infrastructure Amber/Green -18.6 3,860.0
DECC Sellafield Model Change (SMC) Transformation Amber None 29,975.0
DECC Smart Metering Implementation Programme Infrastructure Amber None 19,261.1
DEFRA CAP Delivery Programme Transformation Amber/Red 139.7 154.8
DEFRA DEFRA UNITY Programme ICT Amber/Red None 1,666.0
DEFRA Thames Estuary Asset Management Programme (TEAM2100) Infrastructure Green 67.3 318.4
DEFRA Thames Tideway Tunnel Infrastructure Amber/Green 26.1 4,221.1
DFE Priority School Building Programme - Capital Infrastructure Amber/Red 15.6 2,023.3
DFE Priority School Building Programme - Private Finance Infrastructure Amber/Green 5.8 2,085.5
DFE Priority School Building Programme 2 Infrastructure Amber/Red -73.2 1,580.8
DFID St Helena Airport Infrastructure Amber None 445.2
DFT A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon Improvement Scheme Infrastructure Amber None 1,519.3
DFT Crossrail Programme Infrastructure Amber/Green 0.1 14,768.9
DFT High Speed Rail Programme (HS2) Infrastructure Amber/Red None 42,559.5
DFT InterCity Express Programme (IEP) Infrastructure Amber None 6,246.9
DFT Lower Thames Crossing Infrastructure Amber -0.1 199.1
DFT Periodic Review 2013 (HLOS) Infrastructure Green -0.2 16,840.6
DFT Rail Franchising Programme Infrastructure Amber None 1,036.3
DFT Search and Rescue Helicopters Infrastructure Amber/Green -0.1 1,923.0
DFT Shared Services Implementation Programme ICT Red -0.5 222.3
DFT Thameslink Programme Infrastructure Amber None 6,830.5
DOH 100,000 Genomes Project Transformation Amber/Red -45.2 160.0
DOH BT LSP Transformation Amber 38.2 1,743.0
DOH Care and Support Implementation Programme Transformation Amber/Green -30.8 18,619.2
DOH ICT Amber/Red None 0.0
DOH Childhood Flu Immunisation Programme Transformation Amber None 348.0
DOH CSC Local Service Provider (LSP) Delivery Programme ICT Amber/Red -51.3 2,294.1
DOH Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) Release 2 ICT Amber 57.9 77.7
DOH General Practice System of Choice (GPSoC) Replacement ICT Amber/Green -5.9 309.4
DOH Health and Social Care Network ICT Amber/Red -47.7 748.2
DOH Health Visitor Programme Transformation Green None 654.3
DOH Liaison and Diversion Programme Transformation Amber None 199.1
DOH National Pandemic Flu Service Transformation Amber/Red None None
DOH National Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) Service Development Programme Infrastructure Amber/Green None 1,247.3
DOH NHS Choices ICT Amber/Red None 0.0
DOH NHS e-Referral Service ICT Amber 14.0 131.2
DOH NHS Electronic Staff Record Reprocurement Project ICT Amber None 267.0
DOH NHS Pension Re-let Project Transformation Amber None 10.8
DOH NHS Procurement Efficiency Programme Transformation Red None 71.9
DOH NHSmail 2 ICT Amber/Red None 133.0
DOH PHE Science Hub Infrastructure Amber -31.3 10,447.6
DOH Visitor and Migrant NHS Cost Recovery Programme Transformation Amber -25.0 10.5
DWP Automatic Enrolment Programme Transformation Amber -14.1 995.4
DWP Child Maintenance Group Transformation Amber/Green None 955.8
DWP Fit for Work Programme Transformation Amber -9.8 276.4
DWP Fraud, Error and Debt Programme Transformation Amber/Green -18.4 834.0
DWP New State Pension Project Transformation Amber/Green -33.1 174.1
DWP Personal Independence Payment Programme Transformation Amber/Red None 3,603.0
DWP Universal Credit Programme Transformation Amber -26.7 15,844.0
FCO ABUJA New Office and Residence Infrastructure Amber None 46.0
FCO ICT Re-procurement ICT Amber/Green 17.1 161.1
FCO Movement of Personal Effects Contract Transformation Amber None 42.5
FCO Technology Overhaul ICT Amber 52.4 105.5
FCO UKERP Infrastructure Amber/Red None 64.9
HMRC Columbus (formerly Aspire Replacement Programme) ICT Amber/Red None 600.0
HMRC Customs Declaration Services (CDS) Programme ICT Amber/Red -13.5 71.2
HMRC Tax-Free Childcare Transformation Amber -10.4 241.8
HO Communications Capabilities Development (CCD) Programme ICT Amber None None
HO Cyclamen Programme Transformation Exempt FOI None None
HO Digital Services at the Border (DSaB) ICT Amber/Red 7.3 307.9
HO Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Programme Transformation Amber/Red 19.4 785.6
HO Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme (ESMCP) ICT Amber None 5,319.2
HO Home Office Biometrics (HOB) Programme ICT Amber None 640.3
HO Immigration Platform Technologies (IPT) ICT Amber/Red -31.1 208.8
HO Metis Programme ICT Red -17.3 185.3
HO Schengen Information System (SIS II) Programme ICT Amber/Green None 195.1
HO Technology Platforms for Tomorrow (TPT) ICT Amber/Red None 369.5
MOD A400M Military Amber/Green -9.2 3,713.1
MOD Airseeker Military Amber/Green None 757.8
MOD Armoured Cavalry 2025 Military Amber None 6,831.5
MOD Armoured Infantry 2026 Military Amber -7.0 2,176.4
MOD Army Basing Programme Military Amber/Red -57.6 1,972.1
MOD Army Reserve Development Programme Military Amber/Red None 1,998.4
MOD Astute Boats 1-7 Military Amber/Red None 9,935.5
MOD Carrier Enabled Power Projection Military Amber None 21.7
MOD CHINOOK (incl. Project Julius) Military Green None 1,009.2
MOD Complex Weapons Military Amber -24.1 18,499.7
MOD Contracting, Purchasing and Finance Transformation Amber/Red -12.4 159.7
MOD Core Production Capability Military Amber -7.3 1,443.5
MOD CROWSNEST programme Military Amber/Green 233.6 None
MOD Cryptographic Enabling Services ICT Exempt FOI None None
MOD DREADNOUGHT Military Amber/Red None 31,000.0
MOD EMPORIUM Transformation Amber None 236.5
MOD Future Beyond Line Of Sight ICT Amber -55.6 7,280.7
MOD GRAPEVINE 1 Transformation Amber None None
MOD GRAPEVINE 2 Transformation Amber 19.2 1,334.8
MOD Lightning II Programme Military Amber None 12,941.6
MOD Logistics Commodities Services Transformation Military Amber 5.1 652.4
MOD Maritime Sustainment Programme Military Amber/Green -9.3 596.5
MOD MARSHALL Military Amber/Green -5.5 1,820.0
MOD Merlin Programme Military Green -45.0 718.2
MOD New Employment Model Transformation Amber -34.4 202.9
MOD Nuclear Warhead Capability Sustainment Programme Military Exempt FOI -7.0 21,028.8
MOD Operational Information Services Military Red None 73.8
MOD Puma Helicopter Life Extension Programme Military Green None 374.9
MOD Queen Elizabeth Programme Military Amber None 7,289.7
MOD Spearfish Upgrade Programme Military Amber/Green None 416.0
MOD The Materiel Strategy Transformation Amber None 379.1
MOD Type 26 Global Combat Ship Programme Military Exempt FOI None None
MOD WATCHKEEPER Military Amber None 1,169.8
MOD Wildcat Programme Military Amber/Green None 1,610.8
MOJ CJS Efficiency Programme (CJS Efficiency) ICT Amber/Green 20.6 85.1
MOJ Common Platform (CP) ICT Amber/Red None 380.8
MOJ Electronic Monitoring (EM) Transformation Red -22.4 411.6
MOJ Future IT Sourcing Programme (FITS) ICT Amber/Red None 1,706.0
MOJ HMCTS Compliance & Enforcement Services Project (CESP) Transformation Amber/Red None 439.2
MOJ HMCTS Reform Transformation Amber/Red None 510.4
MOJ Integrated Delivery Programme (IDP) ICT Amber -7.4 71.5
MOJ Legal Aid Crime Change (LACC) Programme ICT Green 29.0 45.0
MOJ Legal Aid Transformation Programme (LAT) Transformation Amber 59.9 6.2
MOJ MoJ Shared Services Evolve (SS Evolve) Programme ICT Amber/Red -12.6 390.8
MOJ NOMS ICTS Services (NICTS) Programme ICT Amber None 41.8
MOJ North Wales Prison (NWP) Programme Infrastructure Amber -19.6 2,541.0
MOJ Prison Unit Cost Programme (PUCP) Transformation Amber -23.6 119.5
MOJ Secure Training Centre (STC) Retendering Project Transformation Amber/Green None 165.2
MOJ Transforming Prisoner Telephony (TPT) Transformation Amber/Red None 39.3
MOJ Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) Programme Transformation Green None 9,127.6
NCA Novo Programme Transformation Amber -13.6 151.5
ONS Census Transformation Programme Transformation Amber/Green None 981.3
ONS Electronic Data Collection (EDC) ICT Amber None 23.7
ONS ESA10/BPM6 Programme (European Systems of Accounting 2010) Transformation Amber/Green -17.8 57.9

Totals for 2016: (category assignment is provisional for years prior to 2019)

Category Projects WLC £Bn
All projects 143 436.5
Transformation 48 90.3
ICT 38 25.4
Infrastructure 31 192.7
Military 26 128.1
TBD 0 0.0

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