2021 Report details for project: 4th National Lottery Licence Competition

Project name 4th National Lottery Licence Competition - there are 2 reports for this project: 2020, 2021
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Report year 2021 (data is from March 2021)
Category Transformation - see all reports for this category
Description: The 4th National Lottery Licence Competition Programme is responsible for ensuring the continuation of the National Lottery on the expiry of the current 3rd Licence in July 2023. This involves designing a new licence fit for the future and selecting an operator via a competitive application process who is able to continue to develop the National Lottery as a public asset in order to maximise the returns to good causes whilst also ensuring the highest standards of propriety and player protection.
DCA (RAG) Amber
DCA text: Compared to financial year 19/20-Q2, the Infrastructure Project Authority's Delivery Confidence Assessment rating remained at Amber. This is primarily due to the following factors: The overall programme lifecycle delivery confidence was rated as AMBER by the Infrastructure and Projects Authority at the Gate 2 review undertaken at the end of July 2020, given the longer-term impact of COVID-19 on applicants and the overall risk profile of the Programme. The programme is confident that it will be in a position to improve the current IPA Amber rating within quarter 1 (21/22). The improvement will be demonstrated by agreeing the final timing for approval of the Full Business Case and the expected continuation of a high number and strength of applicants remaining active within the competition.
Start date 2018-11-16
End date 2024-02-01
Schedule text Compared to financial year 19/20-Q2, the project's end-date increased from 01 August 2023 to 01 February 2024 This is primarily due to the following factors: The programme end date has moved from 1 Aug 23 to 1 Feb 24 in response to delays caused by Covid19. Potential applicants raised concerns about assembling application teams and preparing their applications during the lockdown restrictions so to ensure applicants didn't withdraw from the competition and to maintain a strong competitive field of applicants a six month extension to the programme was agreed. In order to delay the start of the 4th Licence by 6 months, it has been necessary to extend the existing 3rd Lottery licence by six months so there is no interruption to the National Lottery.
Baseline £16.35m
Forecast £15.03m
Variance -8.00%
Variance text: The budget variance exceeds 5%. The yearly costs are lower than expected because of the deferment of competition evaluation costs to the following year as well as cost savings made on professional services to support the programme as more activity was able to be undertaken in house. The competition evaluation costs were deferred because the initial engagement from applicants to the Invitation to Apply for the 4th Licence was much higher than expected resulting in additional time being required for them to submit their phase 1 applications which in turn pushed the evaluation period and costs into the following financial year. Although this has caused a slight delay, the level of engagement from applicants indicates a strong competition which should generate highly competitive applications.
Whole Life Cost £91.92m
WLCost text: Compared to financial year 19/20-Q2, the projects Baseline Whole Life Cost increased from £64.34m to £91.92m. This is primarily due to the following factors: The increase in whole life costs is due to two main factors. Firstly, a more thorough and robust competition with far greater engagement with the market and potential applicants which has resulted in a strong and highly competitive competition. Secondly, the costs have also increased because of the six month extension to the programme in response to the delays caused by Covid19.
Sourcefile IPA_2021.csv

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