2021 Report details for project: Future Maritime Support Strategy

Project name Future Maritime Support Strategy - there are 4 reports for this project: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
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Organisation MOD (D17 ) - see all reports for this organisation
Report year 2021 (data is from March 2021)
Category Military - see all reports for this category
Description: The Future Maritime Support Programme will deliver the contractual framework for operation of the three Naval Bases and support to the Royal Navy's complex warships and submarines from 1 April 21.
DCA (RAG) Amber/Green
DCA text: Compared to financial year 19/20-Q2, the Infrastructure Project Authority's Delivery Confidence Assessment rating decreased from Red to Amber/Green. This is primarily due to the following factors: Another challenging reporting period for the Future Maritime Support Programme, culminating in the Delivery Confidence Assessment improving to Amber/Green, reflecting the progress with the Procurement Phase, and specifically progress with issues identified in the Infrastructure and Projects Authority Gateway 3 Review of October 2020. The main focus for this end of the reporting period has been the completion of competitions, finalisation of single source negotiations and transition to Commencement of Service along with approval of the Full Business Case by the Investment Approvals Committee. Further highlights include: (1) winning bidders selected and notified for all five competitive lots with contacts awarded/announced. (2) final round of single source negotiations concluded. (3) improvement in forecast benefit. (4) good progress on mobilisation of the Future Maritime Support Programme Operating Model, ensuring the Ministry Of Defence personnel, processes and governance arrangements are ready for the start of service delivery. (5) the Senior Responsible Owner has been extended in post to lead the Future Maritime Support Programme through to Full Operating Capability in October 22.
Start date 2016-09-26
End date 2026-09-30
Schedule text Compared to financial year 19/20-Q2, the project's end-date increased from 30 September 2021 to 30 September 2026 This is primarily due to the following factors: Having concluded the Assessment Phase the end date of the programme now reflects the Investment Approvals Committee approved terms for the contracts placed with suppliers
Baseline £19.18m
Forecast £19.18m
Variance 0.00%
Variance text: The budget variance is less than or equal to 5%.
Whole Life Cost £10,699.08m
WLCost text: Compared to financial year 19/20-Q2, the projects Baseline Whole Life Cost decreased from 11119.11m to £10699.08m. This is primarily due to the following factors: The final contracted prices (whole life costs) represent a £309m (or 6%) reduction across the life of the contract when compared with the previous report and Investment Approval Committee approvals.
Sourcefile IPA_2021.csv

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