2021 Report details for project: East Coast Mainline Programme

Project name East Coast Mainline Programme - there are 3 reports for this project: 2019, 2020, 2021
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Organisation DFT (D9) - see all reports for this organisation
Report year 2021 (data is from March 2021)
Category Infrastructure - see all reports for this category
Description: The East Coast Main Line Enhancement Programme is a collection of track and power upgrade schemes between London King's Cross and Edinburgh to increase capacity and to enable the introduction of the Intercity Express trains through the East Coast franchise.
DCA (RAG) Amber
DCA text: Compared to financial year 19/20-Q2, the Infrastructure Project Authority's Delivery Confidence Assessment rating remained at Amber. This is primarily due to the following factors: Although good progress has been made with the delivery of the infrastructure upgrades, the project's Amber rating reflects the challenging schedule for developing the new East Coast Main Line timetable for introduction in May 2022. The Department is working with Network Rail and operating companies to agree pragmatic solutions and trade-offs to deliver the best outcomes for passengers and freight customers.
Start date 2014-04-01
End date 2024-12-01
Schedule text Compared to financial year 19/20-Q2, the project's end-date increased from 01 December 2023 to 01 December 2024 This is primarily due to the following factors: The major milestone of timetable upgrade to reflect new paths/capacity was delayed from December 2021 due to the COVID lockdown leading to delays in infrastructure work. In addition, power supply upgrades north of Newcastle are not forecast to be completed until 2024 because the tender prices received for the works were higher than expected and further negotiations were needed, delaying the award of the contract. Operational mitigations will enable the new timetable to be introduced, improving passenger services, before the power upgrades are completed.
Baseline £224.90m
Forecast £197.70m
Variance -12.00%
Variance text: The budget variance exceeds 5%. The delay in awarding the contract for power supply upgrades resulted in costs moving out of 2020/21 into subsequent years.
Whole Life Cost £1,040.40m
WLCost text: Compared to financial year 19/20-Q2, the projects Baseline Whole Life Cost remained at £1040.40m. This is primarily due to the following factors: The baseline whole life cost for the project has not changed.
Sourcefile IPA_2021.csv

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