2021 Report details for project: ECHO2 Programme

Project name ECHO2 Programme - there are 4 reports for this project: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
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Organisation FCDO (D13 ) - see all reports for this organisation
Report year 2021 (data is from March 2021)
Category ICT - see all reports for this category
Description: The ECHO2 Programme is procuring new service providers to replace the expiring ECHO1 contract. The programme will deliver two new contracts, a Network Services Integrator and a Dynamic Purchasing System for the provision of internet connectivity.
DCA (RAG) Amber/Green
DCA text: Compared to financial year 19/20-Q2, the Infrastructure Project Authority's Delivery Confidence Assessment rating decreased from Amber/Red to Amber/Green. This is primarily due to the following factors: ECHO 2 remains on schedule to deliver in September 2023. Since the last annual report, the DCA has moved from Amber/Red to Amber Green. This reflects satisfactory implementation of recommendations made at the May 2020 PAR review and the conclusion of the October 2020 IPA Critical Friend Review to award the Programme a DCA rating of Amber/Green. It is recognised that, whilst the concern over a legal challenge remains, the programme team, including expert external resource, has well mitigated this risk.
Start date 2015-09-01
End date 2023-08-31
Schedule text Compared to financial year 19/20-Q2, the project's end-date increased from 31 March 2020 to 31 August 2023 This is primarily due to the following factors: The abandonment of the previous procurement resulted in the closure of the original programme and the reset of the programme to put in place new arrangements for the provision of network services. The date for completion of transition is now 20/09/23.
Baseline £40.08m
Forecast £35.34m
Variance -12.00%
Variance text: The budget variance exceeds 5%. There is an in year reduction in actual costs against baseline for RDEL which represents real savings in year from revisions to resources and the start of a circuit replacement project. The reduction in CDEL is a combination of reduced costs in year due to delays in starting the project from Covid restrictions, part of the project will push out into 21/22 moving costs from current year. Currently we have not amended 21/22 and future year forecasts, but included the cost savings into remaining budgets whilst the FBC's are completed for the NSI and DPS contracts. Forecasts will be updated as these FBC's are approved through HM Treasury and Cabinet Office.
Whole Life Cost £312.94m
WLCost text: The project's Baseline Whole Life Cost is £312.94m. This is primarily due to the following factors: The Programme was reset after 1920-Q2 with approval of a new OBC. The reset Programme has a different scope and timescale, therefore the comparison of variance is not possible.
Notes1: None
Sourcefile IPA_2021.csv

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