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Report year 2019 (data is from September 2018)
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Description: The A400M is a versatile airlifter able to perform and combine two types of duty: tactical missions directly to the point of need and long range strategic/logistic missions.
DCA (RAG) Amber
DCA text: The A400M Programme is reaching the conclusion of a Global Re-Baselining. The outcome is looking positive with a commitment from industry to deliver the contracted performance. Aircraft availability poses an immediate challenge but actions are in hand to improve the picture - though this will take time. Hence, the delivery confidence assessment remains unchanged at Amber.
Start date 2000-05-17
End date 2023-03-31
Schedule text The capability delivery schedule is subject to some risk as a result of poor aircraft availability. The delivery of the last 2 aircraft have been confirmed as moving to later dates. This will result in the aircraft being used to de-risk minor upgrades that will be brought into service before the final operating standard is delivered.
Baseline £118.42m
Forecast £95.29m
Variance -20.00%
Variance text: The key activities driving the variance are as follows; Production: Forecast reduction due to efficiency trials at Woodbridge, improved contractor performance, and revised estimate of costs for programme trials. Additionally there have been front line activities to review and reduce the forecast costs. Support: Efficiencies in the support contract have resulted in a decrease in the forecast. There has been an improvement in contractor performance - early delivery of engine spares. Training: Firm contract costs have revised the forecast. Front line efficiency reviews have deferred activity. Forex rate fluctuations has impacted all three areas.
Whole Life Cost £3,394.89m
WLCost text: While changes have been made to the delivery, and therefore funding profile, these movements are within the whole life costs of the programme - changes are negligible.
Sourcefile IPA_2019.csv

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