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Organisation DHSC (D12) - see all reports for this organisation
Report year 2018 (data is from September 2017)
Category Infrastructure - see all reports for this category
Description: The Science Hub programme, previously called Chrysalis, transferred to Public Health England on 31st March 2013. The vision under PHE has continued to develop and builds upon and strengthens the strategic case for an integrated public health service, as well as address the urgent re-provision of facilities currently at Porton. The business case is based on the delivery of a “hub and node” model for public health science through co-location of Porton research, Colindale and London HQ functions onto a site that has been purchased from GSK. The requirement for steel for this programme has not yet been decided. Following the Spending Review, an options analysis is being conducted to accommodate all the staff now in scope at various levels of risk. This will determine the requirement for construction versus refurbishment and this will determine whether the steel usage will be significant
DCA (RAG) Amber
DCA text: There is an approved risk management process that complies with Management of Risk by the Office of Government Commerce, part of the Best Management Practice series of guidance documents. The risks around scope and cost pressures are still there but are gaining clarity and options for resolution with some key decisions already made with the DH. There is also escalating involvement of the business to resolve issues, including Value Management. There is a clear change management/request for change process that must be followed. The formal stage 2 refresh review has continued. Potential misalignment with requirements are being resolved and associated costs validated. The amount of potential change and VM exercises to manage costs is a significant challenge. Key milestones achieved include production of a business change strategy, submission of outline planning permission and acquisition of the GSK Harlow site. The programme is implementing plans to minimise the risk and impact of delay during the next phase. The programme has had an outline business case approved in December 2015 and the programme is developing a full business case for submission for approval to DH and HMT in 2019. The programme has an integrated assurance and approvals plan which covers key programme processes and Treasury Approval Points. The programme status has been previously discussed in detail at the programme board and was agreed to be AMBER which aligns with the AMBER status assigned by the Gateway Review in September 2017 (targeted gateway 0). The AMBER status indicates - not yet delivered, not on schedule but expected to be delivered within the planned period/risk of non-delivery to the date agreed.
Start date 2013-06-28
End date 2025-06-30
Schedule text The programme is a very large and challenging with a complex mix of design/capacity and business change/transformation issues. All milestones on the critical path have been completed according to schedule, including two key milestones; the outline planning permission was submitted on 8th August and the stage 2 design refresh was completed at the end of August 2017. This complex programme continues to face challenges due to the amount of potential change due to additional/revised requirements from the business to meet changing public health technologies and demands, and the need for comprehensive VM and VE exercises due to cost pressures but we have re-engaged our framework partners to plan and implement the close out of the current stage and propose solutions to the current challenges. The programme FBC is due for submission to DH in early 2019.
Baseline £157.51m
Forecast £185.69m
Variance 18.00%
Variance text: Reallocation of funding from earlier years to cover changes in schedule due to scope alterations which were approved by the Science Hub Programme Board under the approved governance process.
Whole Life Cost £11,621.88m
WLCost text: Whole life costs reflect the operating costs of the in scope activities covering the period of the programme plus a further 60 years. Costs for the 60 years are at 2023/24 prices
Sourcefile IPA_2018.csv

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