2018 Report details for project: M20 Lorry Area

Project name M20 Lorry Area - there are 3 reports for this project: 2017, 2018, 2019
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Report year 2018 (data is from September 2017)
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Description: The Client Scheme Requirements (CSR) retains the initial ask of a permanent solution to Operation Stack. Sifting work undertaken over 2016 resulted in a lorry holding area at the Stanford West site being a viable solution, although this was subsequently abandoned due to Judicial Review. A secondary objective of the CSR asked for fly-parking in Kent to be resolved by the provision of 24hr parking within the lorry area. Overnight parking remains one of the potential criteria in the sift for a new lorry area, together with potential use for post-Brexit border checking facilities.
DCA text: A judicial challenge was lodged against the project in October 2016. The Highways England (HE) project team explored ways to minimise impact on the claimant by altering the scheme design. Advice received from external legal counsel throughout 2017 reinforced low delivery confidence and the Government was unable to defend against legal challenge. The Government cancelled the project in November 2017 and immediately relaunched a new scheme scheduled for delivery 2023-24; this scheme is presently at stage 1 consultation. The new specification includes an interim solution which will be delivered in spring 2019, on which work has started. Both of these schemes are delivering against the new timelines.
Start date 2015-11-25
End date 2018-01-20
Schedule text Following legal advice subsequent to the scheme being judicially reviewed, the Government withdrew the decision to build a lorry park at Stanford West in November 2017. An interim contraflow to allow two way traffic flow on M20 when operations are in place is underway and will be delivered in spring 2019. The process to find a permanent solution to Operation Stack has now been relaunched and is presently undergoing stage 1 consultation. The scheme is on track for its revised delivery date in 2023-24.
Baseline £153.70m
Forecast £5.60m
Variance -96.00%
Variance text: Construction was initially planned to start in October 2016, but was delayed after legal challenge against the Government was lodged in October 2016. Efforts were made to find a solution that could allow the judicial review to be settled, but following legal advice it was announced in November 2017 that the decision to build a lorry park at Stanford West was being withdrawn. In May 2018 the Department announced that the consultation process on a new permanent solution to Operation Stack would start soon (it was launched by HE on 11 June), and an interim solution (contraflow on the M20) would be ready if needed for deployment in early 2019.
Whole Life Cost £246.50m
WLCost text: The Whole Life Cost (WLC) continues to be negotiated since the project design was never concluded due to the JR challenge. With the 24hr parking provision, a commercial return would have resulted in the project's WLC being lower than if the lorry holding area used for operation stack events only.
Sourcefile IPA_2018.csv

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