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Report year 2017 (data is from September 2016)
Category Transformation - see all reports for this category
Description: The aim of the HMCTS Reform Programme is to: modernise the infrastructure and deliver a better and more flexible service to court users; modernise and transform courts and tribunal service to increase efficiency, improve service quality and reduce the cost to the tax payer.
DCA (RAG) Amber/Red
DCA text: The MPRG on 10 November 2016 approved the refreshed business case which underpinned the move from a 4 year to a 6 delivery plan. The programme retained an Amber/Red rating, reflecting the significant further detailed planning that was being undertaken to ensure successful delivery against the new timetable. The panel recommended to HMT that funding be approved until Interim State 1 (Sept 2017). Full review will now be at each interim state rather than fixed 6 monthly approval stages with next one due October 2017. In March 17 a stocktake will be held where the Programme Team will be required to give up-dates on Programmme planning including development of a Critical Path and identification of whole life costs. An overarching view of the business architecture that will be in place for Interim state 1 (September 2017) and how this will develop through Interim State 2 to Interim States 3 and 4. Supporting this is a baselined, integrated Portfolio level plan of how IS1 will be achieved, with critical path activities, risks and dependencies built in. A dashboard of critical success measures to track progress is currently under development.
Start date 2015-01-05
End date 2022-03-31
Schedule text The whole programme is delivering well in its early phase and is now due to conclude at the end of March 2022, in line with the refreshed PBC approved by MPRG which moved delivery from a 4 year to a 6 year timeframe. Wi-Fi is now installed in the CFT areas of 45 Combined Courts and work is underway to roll out enhanced WiFi and screens to all CFT courts. Early on-line applications for Divorce, probate and 'track my appeal' are moving to pilot stages. Rationalisation of HMCTS estate continues. At end January a total of 84 sites had ceased to provide customer facing services and 56 fully exited.
Baseline £147.20m
Forecast £139.19m
Variance -5.00%
Variance text: The majority of the budget/forecast underspend for 2016/17 is largely down to the following three reasons: a) the impact of moving from a 4 year programme to a 6 year programme. This was approved by MPRG resulting in a reprofile of spend in future years; b) slower than planned ramp up of spend in 16/17 and c) a reduction of unutilised VEDS funding. Additional underspends are related to value for money decisions taken in the Estates Reform Programme as initial estimates of enabling works far exceed planned costs in the business cases.
Whole Life Cost £1,638.48m
WLCost text: Whole life costs cover both the cost to deliver the programme and also the ongoing running costs of the new service as detailed in the previous MPRG business case submitted in May 2016. Since quarter 2 a revised business case was approved by MPRG in November 2016. There has been a substantial amount of change between the two business cases with revisions to implementation cost, the inclusion of additional contingency costs, changes to gross benefits and BAU running costs.
Notes1: Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Services (HMCTS) Reform Programme
Sourcefile IPA_2017.csv

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