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Report year 2015 (data is from September 2014)
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Description: The A400M Programme is a multinational European collaboration to design, develop and deliver a brand new military transport aircraft. The A400M will provide a worldwide medium lift, Tactical Air Transport (Tac AT) designed to meet the requirements of Defence policy; as such, it will ultimately replace the UK’s current C-130J Hercules fleet. The scope of the UK elements of the Programme comprises: delivery of 22 A400M aircraft; a UK In-Service Support Solution; and a UK training solution for aircrew and ground personnel.
DCA (RAG) Amber/Green
DCA text: The delivery confidence at Q2 FY14/15 reflected the fact that the Programme was entering a critical phase with many time-sensitive activities subject to external international dependencies. Most notably, there was a significant reliance on the six-nation Certification and Qualification Committee (CQC) to sentence the remaining evidence needed in time to support the award of Military Certification which would allow operation of the first aircraft. Secondly, there was a dependency on Airbus Defence & Space to supply an aircraft of a mature enough standard to pass UK acceptance checks. Finally, aircraft acceptance to provide a 'Day 1' capability was also dependant upon the ability to support flying operations in accordance with engineering maintenance contractual obligations. More than 20 formal governance meetings were held throughout August and September 2014 in order to carefully manage risks associated with delivery and first operational flight; these included operator level working groups through to a series of executive-level readiness reviews, and meetings with industry. This approach ensured that all support requirements were in place at RAF Brize Norton. The first A400M aircraft (ZM400) arrived at RAF Brize Norton on 17 November 2014 and completed its first training sortie the following day, as planned. Many key Programme targets had to be achieved to facilitate support for the first aircraft including: the successful Transfer of Title of the Full Flight Simulator and commencement of aircrew training at RAF Brize Norton; UK logistical support declared as 'ready to support'; interim infrastructure works completed; Military certification in place to allow operation of the first aircraft; and the In Service Support Business Case approved with contract signature achieved.
Start date 1997-07-01
End date 2022-03-31
Schedule text The forecast end of the programme remains unchanged. Airbus Defence and Space was unable to provide an aircraft that passed the exacting acceptance criteria on schedule to meet the Programme's Capability Milestone 1 (delivery of first aircraft). This resulted in the Transfer of Title being delayed from September 2014 to November 2014. The aircraft flew to RAF Brize Norton on 17 November 2014 and completed its first training sortie the following day. January 2015 saw Airbus Defence and Space advise OCCAR of a likely revised delivery schedule; this was published formally in February 2015. The resultant delay to UK A400M aircraft delivery will prevent UK achieving Capability Milestone 2, UK In Service Date (ISD) (planned for March 2015) until September 2015. The impact of these aircraft delays on subsequent UK milestones can be contained within the revised delivery plan, albeit at increased Programme risk, due to UK Programme Board action to prioritise the builds up of frontline capacity, whilst demanding more efficiency from the UK-specific A400M Defensive Aids modification programme, which is running in parallel with aircraft deliveries.
Baseline £646.36m
Forecast £640.69m
Variance -0.90%
Variance text: Budget variance less than 5%
Whole Life Cost £3,833.15m
WLCost text: The costs are broken down into the following areas: a. Production of aircraft; b. Support Costs (i. Airbus Defence and Space Support/Airframe Support (Airframe Medium Term Contract, Airframe Design Services Contract), ii. Engine Support (Engine Medium Term Contract, Maintenance Level 3 Contracts, Engine Design Services Contract), iii. Other Support (inc DAS Support, Mission Planning Support and other DE&S support and commodities), iv. Infrastructure Support; c. Training Costs; d. Other minor projects. Budget forecasts are considered to be mature and accurate; however, costs associated with the Programme's final milestone objective (Full Operating Capability) are currently being scrutinised by the Programme Board.
Sourcefile IPA_2015.csv

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