2014 Report details for project: Volume Crime

Project name Volume Crime - there are 3 reports for this project: 2013, 2014, 2015
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Organisation HMRC (D25) - see all reports for this organisation
Report year 2014 (data is from September 2013)
Category Transformation - see all reports for this category
Description: HMRC is revising its approach to tackling fraud in the Rule Breakers customer group, increasing the number of criminal investigations and subsequent prosecutions in this group. This approach is called Volume Crime and will: deter rule breakers and potential rule breakers from fraudulent behaviour; enhance the effectiveness of civil interventions by evidencing the downsides of non-compliance; and show HMRC is relentless in pursuit of those who break the rules. The Volume Crime project aims to significantly increase productivity and resources deployed to criminal investigation. 240 staff years will be deployed as a result of this project in Criminal Investigation and associated Risk and Intelligence Service functions, with prosecution numbers rising through the SR10 period to an additional 1,000 prosecutions delivered per year from 2014/15. The considerable increase in activity in the rule breakers segment increases the perceived risks to potential rule breakers and thus deters individuals from going down the path of tax evasion and therefore an increase in "voluntary compliance" due to the deterrent effect. The project is currently creating a research programme to measure this deterrent effect.
DCA (RAG) Green
DCA text: All staff recruitment and training has been completed and the first strand of the project completed in February 2013.
Start date 2011-04-01
End date 2013-05-29
Schedule text No departmental narrative
Baseline £11.13m
Forecast £11.37m
Variance 2.16%
Variance text: No departmental narrative
Whole Life Cost £42.05m
WLCost text: No departmental narrative
Sourcefile IPA_2014.csv

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