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Project name Child Maintenance Group - there are 4 reports for this project: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
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Report year 2014 (data is from September 2013)
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Description: The Government’s vision is that separated parents should be encouraged and supported to work together in the interests of their children and to set up their own, family-based child maintenance arrangements. For those who are not able to do this, the Government has introduced the 2012 Child Maintenance Scheme, administered by the Child Maintenance Service. The 2012 scheme delivers two critical changes to the policy and regulations which simplify the approach to child maintenance calculations, and provides a new IT platform on which to administer it.
DCA (RAG) Amber/Green
DCA text: The delivery confidence rating published in May 2013 related to the confidence in delivery of Phase 1, which was the progressive take-on and processing of new cases on to the 2012 scheme. All MPA recommendations were accepted and addressed. Subsequently, the Major Projects Authority delivery confidence rating has improved.
Start date 2009-08-01
End date 2014-10-27
Schedule text On 25 November 2013, the 2012 scheme successfully launched the final stage of pathfinder (commencement 3) for all new clients, completing Phase 1 of the Programme. Phase 2 will build on the 2012 IT system and will introduce client charging and trigger the start of proactive CSA schemes case closure activity. The plans to stage CSA case closure activity now reflect the intent ­ to micro-manage the initial phases of case closure using our tried and tested pathfinder approach; ­ to start initial case closure activities on those legacy scheme clients not receiving maintenance, and to support these clients towards arrangements that best suit their current circumstances; and then ­ to sequence case closure activities to minimise disruption for clients receiving maintenance, particularly where hard fought maintenance is now flowing. Phase 2 will commence when the system is ready to support client charging and case closure.
Baseline £77.97m
Forecast £66.13m
Variance -35.21%
Variance text: The whole life budget costs reflect the re-baselined business case figures which take account of the three commencement staged pathfinder approach. The in year variance of £12m is a result of pressure on suppliers to reduce their estimates and actual supplier costs proving in some cases to be lower than agreed estimates as well as revised timing of activity e.g. on Disaster Recovery which moved some costs into 2014/15.
Whole Life Cost £1,218.33m
WLCost text: Whole life costs reflect the total costs associated with the Child Maintenance Reform Programme and remain within 5% variance.
Notes1: Child Maintenance Group Change
Sourcefile IPA_2014.csv

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