2014 Report details for project: Thames Estuary Programme Phase 1 (TEP1)

Project name Thames Estuary Programme Phase 1 (TEP1) - there are 2 reports for this project: 2014, 2015
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Organisation DEFRA (D7) - see all reports for this organisation
Report year 2014 (data is from September 2013)
Category Infrastructure - see all reports for this category
Description: The Thames Estuary Programme Phase 1 (TEP1) is part of a long-term flood prevention programme for the Thames estuary to protect the 1.25 million people who live and work in the Thames flood plain in and around London. It forms part of the Environment Agency’s Thames Estuary 2100 (TE2100) Plan which provides a strategy for protecting London and the Thames Estuary from tidal flooding to the year 2100 and beyond. This is work to maintain and improve the existing system of flood defences, including the Thames Barrier and associated gates. The cost of maintaining and improving these defences is justified by the high value of assets protected, with £200bn of property at risk. The TE2100 plan sets out the Environment Agency’s short-, medium- and long-term programmes of investments and other recommended actions to manage tidal flood risk through to the end of this century and into the 22nd century. The Plan is based on a managed, adaptive approach which ensures that the right investments are made at the right time allowing for adjustments to be made in timing of works on the actual impacts of climate change. The TE2100 Strategic Outline Programme (SOP) describes the delivery of the programme through a number of phases, and was approved by Defra and HMT in 2012. Now that the TE2100 SOP has been approved, the focus has moved on to the business case for the first package of works within that strategy - the TEP1 project. The scope of this is a proposed contract with a private sector partner to deliver a 10-year programme of the capital works, currently estimated to have a value of £314m, plus set-up costs of circa £5m.
DCA (RAG) Amber/Green
DCA text: The Amber/Green rating reflects that although continued management attention is required on certain issues, the project has strong forward momentum and is on track for successful delivery.
Start date 2010-04-01
End date 2025-12-31
Schedule text On schedule.
Baseline £2.04m
Forecast £2.30m
Variance 12.75%
Variance text: 2013/14 budget variance resulted from streamlining of the procurement programme to bring forward Contract Award to October 2014. The forecast was increased to include the additional resources needed to deliver the accelerated programme. However, this will reduce the overall cost of the procurement process and bring forward the benefits and efficiencies of delivering the TEP 1 programme.
Whole Life Cost £318.74m
WLCost text: The budgeted whole life costs are calculated in the Outline Business Case that was approved by HMT in September 2013. The programme is funded by Flood Defence Grant in Aid and will be supported by partnership funding contributions during delivery.
Sourcefile IPA_2014.csv

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