Local Authority spend details

LA: Barnet
Supplier: Transport For London
Amount: £119,836.22
Date (Y-M-D): 2012-08-10
Org level 1: Central Expenses
Org level 2: Central Expenses
Org level 3:
Expenditure type: Joint Auth-TPP
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Company ref:
Aggreg records*
Source file: Barnet_201208.csv

The links in column 2 go to a list of transactions with this value for the specified LA.

Please note that few LAs provide all the recommended spend data fields. The minimum data is Amount, Date and Supplier name - sometimes even these are not all present!

* In some cases, similar transactions (i.e. for the same supplier in the same month with the same expenditure type etc) have been aggregrated together with a total amount, the date set to the first of the month and the number of individual records shown in Aggreg records.