County local authorities

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Name▲CountryTypeSpend data rangeSD ratingEU voteSpend URL
BuckinghamshireEnglandCounty2014/01 - 2019/053* Easy to download. Up to date. Good range of fields. Data for pre...N/ASpend page
CambridgeshireEnglandCounty2011/01 - 2019/034* ODC. Easy to download. Not always up to date. VAT is not exclud...N/ASpend page
CumbriaEnglandCounty2015/01 - 2019/032* Awkward to access. Reasonably up to date. Meaningless filenames....N/ASpend page
DerbyshireEnglandCounty2014/01 - 2019/043* Easy to download. Up to date. Little contextual data. Good data...N/ASpend page
DevonEnglandCounty2011/01 - 2019/053* ODC Interesting use of GitHub to hold data files. Easy to downlo...N/ASpend page
DorsetEnglandCounty2011/04 - 2019/033* Replaced by Dorset Unitary Council in April 2019. N/ASpend page
East SussexEnglandCounty2011/01 - 2019/033* Quite easy to download. Only quarterly. Very few records compar...N/ASpend page
EssexEnglandCounty2011/04 - 2019/042* Misleading quarterly spreadsheet with empty month tabs but reas...N/ASpend page
GloucestershireEnglandCounty2011/01 - 2019/054* Easy to download. Up to date. Good contextual data. Some data info.N/ASpend page
HampshireEnglandCounty2011/01 - 2019/034* ODC Easy to download. Not up to date. Format follows LGA guidanc...N/ASpend page
HertfordshireEnglandCounty2015/01 - 2019/043* Easy to access. Up to date. File names now with extensions make ...N/ASpend page
KentEnglandCounty2011/01 - 2019/044* Easy to download. Reasonably up to date. Consistent file structu...N/ASpend page
LancashireEnglandCounty2014/08 - 2019/053* Sophisticated query facility but bit awkward to download. Very u...N/ASpend page
LeicestershireEnglandCounty2015/01 - 2019/032* Easy to download and up to date but minimal amount of data and c...N/ASpend page
LincolnshireEnglandCounty2011/01 - 2019/043* Easy to download. Up to date. Large number of records. Excellent...N/ASpend page
NorfolkEnglandCounty2011/01 - 2018/124* Easy to download. Only quarterly. Some missing amount values. Fo...N/ASpend page
North YorkshireEnglandCounty2014/02 - 2019/042* Uses CKAN but files in strange date sequence. No data before Jan...N/ASpend page
NorthamptonshireEnglandCounty2012/04 - 2019/043* Very easy to download from excellent page. Reasonably up to date...N/ASpend page
NottinghamshireEnglandCounty2014/01 - 2019/053* Easy to download and up to date but various errors in filenames...N/ASpend page
OxfordshireEnglandCounty2011/01 - 2019/033* Easy to download. Not usually up to date. Little contextual data...N/ASpend page
SomersetEnglandCounty2015/01 - 2019/043* Easy to download. Reasonably up to date. Some contextual data. S...N/ASpend page
StaffordshireEnglandCounty2015/01 - 2019/043* Easy to download and reasonably up to date. Few records. Header...N/ASpend page
SuffolkEnglandCounty2015/01 - 2019/043* Very easy to download. Reasonably up to date. No data info. Unhe...N/ASpend page
SurreyEnglandCounty2011/01 - 2019/033* ODC Easy to download most recent files but complicated for other...N/ASpend page
WarwickshireEnglandCounty2014/01 - 2019/032* Files now held on Github and awkward to download. At least now i...N/ASpend page
West SussexEnglandCounty2011/01 - 2019/024* Used to be 2* but data now available again as monthly rather tha...N/ASpend page
WorcestershireEnglandCounty2014/01 - 2019/043* Reasonably up to date. Used to be good contextual data until Apr...N/ASpend page