LA details for West Sussex

Full name: West Sussex County Council
Country/Type: England    Type: County
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Pop / Area:806,892 (from 2011 census)   Area: 1,990 sq km   Density: 405 per sq km
Codes: SNAC: 45    GSS: E10000032    ISO3166: WSX
Location: Show on map (at 50.837899, -0.782804)
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Spend loaded: 2011/01 - 2019/02
Spend rating: 4* Used to be 2* but data now available again as monthly rather than annual files. Contextual data now average. Reasonably up to date. Some data info provided.
Political Control: Conservative (as at 1 March 2019)
EU vote: N/A by County
May 2019 election: No election
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