Notes on Health spending data

Some Care Commissioning Groups are now publishing details of expenditure over £25000. This data is downloaded, converted to a standardised format on a central database and republished on the AppGov website.

Data loading

Data is being loaded from April 2013 (when CCGs were established) onwards. You can see which CCGs have data available from the Health Org selection page.

Data format

Each CCG spending file format is converted into a consistent standard layout for storage on the AppGov website.

Cases of anomalous data (such as invoice dates in the future or several years in the past, unusually large payment amounts or missing supplier names) are queried with the relevant CCG and the data is corrected if necessary.

Guidance documentation

HM Treasury has published Guidance for arms length bodies on releasing details of spending over £25,000 which applies to NHS organisations.

Licensing for data reuse

CCGs are encouraged to license their spending data for reuse under the Open Government Licence. AppGov acknowledges the relevant licence details for each organisation wherever possible and does not claim any endorsement or official recognition in its use of their data.

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