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DeptFull nameSpend URLSpend data rangeComment▲
COCabinet OfficeSpend page2011/01 - 2024/02
DCMSDepartment for Culture Media and SportSpend page2011/01 - 2024/03
DfEDepartment for EducationSpend page2015/01 - 2024/02
DefraDepartment for Environment, Food & Rural AffairsSpend page2011/01 - 2024/02
DWPDepartment for Work and PensionsSpend page2015/01 - 2024/03
DfTDepartment for TransportSpend page2015/01 - 2023/10
MODMinistry of DefenceSpend page2011/01 - 2024/03
HOHome OfficeSpend page2011/01 - 2024/02
HMTHM TreasurySpend page2011/01 - 2023/12
HMRCHM Revenue and CustomsSpend page2011/01 - 2024/03
FCDOForeign, Commonwealth & Development OfficeSpend page2011/01 - 2022/05Abysmally out of date. New name in Sept 2020 incorporating DFID.
DLUHCDepartment for Levelling Up, Housing and CommunitiesSpend page2011/01 - 2023/11Another new name (DLUHC) in Sep 2021 replaces MHCLG which replaced ...
MOJMinistry of JusticeSpend page2011/01 - 2023/05At last some updates!
DHSCDepartment of Health & Social CareSpend page2011/01 - 2024/02Changed name in Jan 2018.
DBTDepartment for Business and TradeSpend page2023/03 - 2023/07Created in Feb 2023. No spend data published since Mar 2023.
DESNZDepartment for Energy Security and Net ZeroSpend page2023/08 - 2023/09Created in Feb 2023. Spend data not published until May 2024.
DSITDepartment for Science, Innovation and TechnologySpend page2023/08 - 2023/09Created in Feb 2023. Spend data not published until May 2024.
DExEUDepartment for Exiting the European UnionSpend page2016/07 - 2019/11Created in July 2016 and disbanded in Feb 2020. Very few records - ...
BEISDepartment for Business, Energy & Industrial StrategySpend page2016/08 - 2023/03Disbanded in Feb 2023 and incorporated into DBT and DESZ.
DITDepartment for International TradeSpend page2016/07 - 2023/07Disbanded in Feb 2023 and incorporated into DBT.
BISDepartment for Business, Innovation and SkillsSpend page2011/01 - 2016/07Disbanded in July 2016 and incorporated into BEIS.
DECCDepartment of Energy and Climate ChangeSpend page2011/01 - 2016/07Disbanded in July 2016 and incorporated into BEIS.
DFIDDepartment for International Development (now part of FCDO)Spend page2011/01 - 2022/05Incorporated into FCDO in Sept 2020.
HMPPSHM Prison & Probation ServiceSpend page2019/06 - 2023/05Not up to date.

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February 2023 - three new departments created (DBT, DESNZ & DSIT) and two disbanded (BEIS & DIT).

Sept 2020 - DfID disbanded and merged into renamed Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO).

July 2016 - three new departments created (BEIS, DExEU & DIT) and two disbanded (BIS & DECC).

January 2018 - Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) renamed as Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) and Department of Health (DH) renamed as Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC)

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